Vision, mission and goals

Include Youth's vision is of a society that realises and fulfils the rights and potential of all children and young people.

Include Youth is a rights-based charity for children and young people in or leaving care, from disadvantaged communities or whose rights are not being met. We work to improve employability, personal and social development enhancing inclusion, integration and good relations. Include Youth influences public policy led by the voice of children and young people, evidence based practice and international children’s rights standards.

In all that we do, we focus around 4 core values that drive our mission, vision and cause


We focus on driving equality amongst young people and in wider society, ensuring all young people have access to opportunities to improve their lives.



We believe in an inclusive society, where regardless of background, everyone should have a voice. Include Youth involve and advocate for young people from all communities, creating a truly inclusive environment throughout Northern Ireland and across the border.



Through our work we ensure that young people are provided with opportunity to excel and thrive. By facilitating accessible programmes, we can drive opportunities for the most disadvantaged in society and create opportunity for all.



We work in a respectful, helpful and transparent manner with our young people so we can advocate for them and achieve the best outcomes.