Include Youth RESET staff residential 2024

June 13, 2024

News, Press Release

On Monday, June 9th, the Include Youth team embarked on a reset residential. This retreat provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate our recent achievements, set new goals, and welcome the 18 new team members who have joined since January. With our locations spread across the country, this retreat was an invaluable way to build trust and strengthen our team. 

Over the two-day retreat, the staff engaged in various team-building activities, including a photo scavenger hunt, a sea dip and a memorial session where rocks were decorated and left on the beach to remember those we had lost throughout the year, including our previous Director Paddy Mooney. These activities offered an excellent opportunity for new staff to grasp Include Youth’s ethos through sessions led by team members, while also experiencing the organisation’s strong sense of community spirit. 

Staff left the residential retreat with a profound sense of team spirit, feeling more motivated and dedicated than ever to enhancing the life chances of young people. The shared experiences and collective reflections not only strengthened their bonds but also reignited their commitment to Include Youth’s mission. This renewed energy and unified purpose will undoubtedly drive our efforts to make a lasting impact on the lives of the young people we support.

Two rows of include youth staff speed dating eachotherfour members of staff getting involved in a scavenger hunt reading the questions in a mazeGroup of staff completing a written activity at one of the sessions18 new staff standing at the front of the room introducing themselvesA row of staff talking to another row of staff speed dating