Ring-fenced employment initiative implemented by human resources at the Belfast Trust has supported 17 young people into paid work in the last 12 months.


“When the nursing auxiliary position was advertised again a year later I felt in a much better position to apply. I now had my numeracy qualification, relevant work experience and felt more confident in myself."

The five Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland have been tasked with improving the number of young people leaving care who engage in education, employment and training.

Due to the legal consideration of 'Corporate Parenting', each Health and Social Care Trust is expected to focus on creating employability opportunities for young people within the Trust, as well as through wider employer networks across Northern Ireland.

This has led to the development of Employability Services across each Health and Social Care Trust, designed to offer concrete opportunities to assist young people leaving care prepare for and engage in work. Include Youth's employability team leads this work with both the Western and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust's 16+ team.

The employability workers create opportunities including: tours; work tasters; extended work placements; training and employment chances; and match the young people leaving care to them.

They also work to improve the culture of education, employment and training by making sure there is a steady flow of information and signposting to those working with young people, enhancing the roles of social workers and personal advisers.

The Give and Take Scheme falls under each of the Health and Social Care Trust's overall Employability Service.