Essential Potential provides young people aged 16-24 with the opportunity to achieve essential skills qualifications

Essential Potential is a Big Lottery funded programme which enables the provision of essential skills classes and one to one’s for all young people who are in need of Literacy, Numeracy or ICT qualifications.

Essential Potential

“I don’t think I was understood at school. Include Youth has given me the platform to thrive. Since joining I’ve achieved Level 2 in English, Maths and ICT. I particularly love reading and writing and hope to one day work as a journalist”.

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Essential Potential provides young people aged 16-24 with the opportunity to achieve essential skills qualifications. Classes and one to ones are delivered by an experienced team of tutors throughout all Trust areas in N. Ireland.

 Young people are initially assessed and provided with a tailored essential skills programme. Support is provided through weekly classes or one to ones, in order to gain entry level qualifications or to prepare for and sit the level 1 or 2 exams.

The overall aim of Essential Potential is to improve the employability, skills and opportunities for young people when they move on from Include Youth.

 The programme is young person led and an EBE (expert by experience) young person in each office, acts as the voice for their group to make changes, promote their good work and advocate for their peers.

Recently the young people in each office have started developing bi-monthly newsletters to highlight the work they have been doing.

Other issues young people have been involved in include: developing a code of conduct for classes, appealing for the change to essential skills exams not to happen and starting a ‘buddy system’ in classes.

There have been some amazing success stories where young people have gained qualifications and had really positive move ons to further education or employment, despite their previous negative experiences. Young people have enjoyed learning in a smaller group environment and say that the programme helped improve their confidence and self-esteem by achieving things they didn’t know they could.