PSNI Stop and Search of young people concerning

Include Youth spokesperson on youth justice, Paula Rodgers, has welcomed the publication of research compiled by John Topping and Dirk Schubotz regarding the effects and outcomes of PSNI Stop and search powers on young people. 

Speaking today Ms Rodgers said:

“This report represents the first independent analysis of how 16 year olds are experiencing stop and search powers being exercised by the PSNI.

“The ARK Young Life and Times survey results certainly raise a number of issues concerning the socio-economic background of young people being stopped and how young people understand their rights under these powers.

“Shockingly 90% of respondents said that no details of the stop and search were recorded on electronic device and no receipt or record was provided, while 69% of those stopped and searched said they were given no clear reason why.

“In terms of accountable policing and the protections of the rights of young people this needs to change.

“It is our belief that there is an urgent need for more monitoring and oversight of use of stop and search on children and young people. We will be raising this both with the PSNI and with other statutory and governmental agencies.”