One year to Brexit – where are the safeguards for children?

Include Youth spokesperson on children rights, Paula Rodgers, has stated that children and young people’s rights must be paramount in any form of Brexit.   

Speaking today, on the very day that Brexit will be enacted in 2019, Paula Rodgers has said there is growing concern over the absence of clarity of rights and entitlements for children and young people.

“We are one year away from the actual date of Brexit being finalised on 29th March 2019. To date we have seen very little in terms of how the rights and entitlements of children and young people will be impacted from the British government.

“Unfortunately the visit by Theresa May will not see any engagement with those who are at the coal face of meeting the needs of our most vulnerable children and young people in terms of service provision and protecting their rights.  To ignore this sector essentially ignores those who will be in the long term most greatly affected by Brexit.  

“As a youth service working North and South, Include Youth are increasingly concerned that protections and rights for the next generation are not adequately being discussed at the negotiations.  Any removal or undermining of the existing European standards in terms of such rights being safeguarded remains a huge concern.

 “Include Youth are calling for this to be given urgent priority.  The problem is that given the two jurisdictions on the island some children living here may very well become second class citizens in terms of protections.”